If you thought the DIY Dispute Resolution Video Training was something ... just wait until you experience the Credit Kingdom Academy. This is the absolute most all-inclusive "VIDEO" Training Academy available ANYWHERE! Yusheeka Gray is known for coaching millionaire business owners in this industry. She's been paid tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands for her skill and expertise. Now she's giving it away at a mere fraction of the cost! Watch this video to take a "Virtual Tour" of this Academy. You won't be disappointed! Registration is NOT Required.
The Credit Kingdom Academy

Your Business GPS to Building a 7-Figure Credit Repair Empire in 12 Months or Less ©
The Business Foundation
You'll learn how to structure your business properly from the start for both accounting and business credit purposes.
Compliance / Management
Find out exactly what you'll need to implement to properly protect your company AND avoid charge-backs or other legal issues if need be.
Marketing / Sales / Support
Credibility, sales funnels, lead generation, follow-up campaigns, pricing your services, advertising, & much more. You name it, we'll cover it! 
Billing and Collections
Learn what payment processors are safe for billing clients, what policies/procedures to implement, how to automatically collect on declined payments, & more.
Workflows, Systems, And Automation
Solidify your workflow, establish a system, determine which softwares are best for you, and automate EVERYTHING! Learn it here.
Everything HR
Learn how to hire, where to hire, when to hire, how much to pay, get IC & W2 handbook templates, training templates, and more.
Time Management
Learn how to make the best use and most of your time. Know exactly what you should be doing, when, and how to itemize your schedule.
So Much More ...
Workbooks, worksheets, Agreements, email & letter templates, Accountability Partners, countless resources, access to invaluable services, exclusive discounts, & much more.